automate employee training

Why Should You Automate Employee Training?

Why automate employee training?

Why should you consider an automated solution? Curious how it could help? Here’s a few key questions. Do you want something to make employee training easier? Would you like everyone to learn more in less time? Will it help if employees get reminded on what they need to know?

Here’s four benefits you get when you automate employee training content:

  • Consistent content delivery with little effort
  • Data that supports additional learning and training
  • Time back! You get time and save everyone’s time too
  • A clearly set expectation that everyone should always be learning

Who should automate employee training?

Across companies, employee training responsibilities can fall on many different people. If you’re large enough, you have a team dedicated to learning and training. However, smaller companies might have to use administrative assistants and employees with other responsibilities to help. Often, the responsibility ultimately is on hiring managers. If your company has enough employees that information gets easily forgotten, you should consider automating employee training. An automated solution that delivers consistent learning will help everyone know what they need to. After all, don’t we know that information does get lost in translation?

Beyond employees, here’s who can benefit from automation (and how):

  • Trainers and Instructional Designers
    • Get data to measure knowledge & learning
  • VPs of Sales and Customer Service
    • Ensure answers to customer questions are known
  • Corporate learning and development professionals
    • Build a company wide automated training & re-training solution
  • Hiring managers and leaders responsible for 25 or more people
    • Make sure your people know without getting asked repeat questions
  • CEOs, executives, and leaders of small and medium sized businesses
    • Equip your people with always on, hands free learning you can control

What employee training can you automate?

Almost all of it, really! Although, e-learning doesn’t work for everything. However, can’t most things be learned online? Doesn’t training material need to be reinforced? Our answer is yes. It’s important to make sure everyone remembers. If employees don’t remember what they learned in training, time and money is lost.

Here’s a few ideas on the types content you can automate quickly:

  • Classroom learning and training content
    • Take training out of the classroom, and keep it there
  • Employee handbooks, policies, and procedures
    • Automate learning with reminders of what everyone needs to know
  • Product and service knowledge
    • Get everyone up to speed and on the same page with updates
  • How to and who to content
    • Make sure employees know how to do their job, and who to go to
  • Sales scripts and processes
    • Keep the role play going, and help everyone stick to your process

When should you start automating training?

If time is a concern, automate employee training. The right solution should be something you can deploy quick. Companies automate employee training at varying stages of their business cycle. Here’s a few qualifying questions that support why you might want to start automated training now:

  • Want to increase employee motivation and morale?
  • Are you preparing for a change in your workforce?
  • Launching a new product or service offering?
  • Need to increase customer satisfaction?
  • Is reducing risk a priority?

From employees on the front line to knowledge workers, automated solutions help. In addition, most leaders and executives can benefit from learning more too. Anyone who needs to know more at work can appreciate automated consistent learning.

Do you expect continued learning and growth? Do you want to reinforce the most important information? Would you like to easily meet individual training needs? If you answered yes, automated employee training can help.