Qknow training software is designed to help employees learn more in less time.

Why use Qknow instead of other training software?

Unlike other training software, Qknow is easy to setup, quick to get started, and is specifically designed to teach employees the answers they need at work fast.

What makes Qknow great training software for everyone?

Easy, Effective, Simple

Are you the CEO, an employee, or a learning and training professional responsible for it all? Anyone can use Qknow.

Training in Minutes

Qknow training software is based on questions and answers instead of videos and documents so you can start training in minutes not months.

Employees Love It

Who wants to download another app or have to remember another password for new software? For Employees, no setup or training is required.

Backward Compatible

Every Qknow training question can be integrated with your existing training content and link to other learning and training platforms.