Training Retention

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Baseline Knowledge before QKnow
Knowledge Score after QKnow

Here’s a QKnow success story

Increase Retention Easily

A company wanted help training sales reps. They didn’t know they needed to increase training retention yet, but they wanted to make sure employees had the product knowledge needed to succeed. They also wanted to save time. Their training program was good enough even though they knew they needed more.

They started using QKnow to automatically deliver training information and knowledge to their employees. They knew it would be helpful to make sure everyone knew what they were expected to. One topic scored 39%.

After only 6 repetitions with QKnow, topic knowledge increased over 100% growing from 39% to 81%.

QKnow repeats what employees don’t know and need to know. It asks them to engage so they remember.

ANSWERING IncreaseS Retention

Answering questions improves memory recall and knowledge retention. QKnow questions help employees remember what they learned in training and what they need to know at work.

Training Retention

Retention is Important

Research shows that knowledge declines in hours and days. Getting training ready for employees is hard enough. Making sure employees know what they need to is harder. QKnow automates the retention process so that learning and training professionals can deliver to their stakeholders and enable employees. Leaders and managers can trust that the training will stick.

Let’s get a little scientific about it…

Learn more about training retention QKnow’s important related key concepts.

The Learning & Forgetting Curve

The learning and forgetting curve discovered by Ebbinghaus proves why training retention is so important.

Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition is the methodology designed to combat forgetting and make training stick. Read how QKnow works as a spaced repetition system.

We can help your people remember

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