Spaced Repetition

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Increase knowledge with repetition

Spaced Repetition

QKnow works as a spaced repetition system to increase employee knowledge over time. By repeating the same question, each time the employee answers they are more likely to remember. The system trains employees to remember the right answer, correcting misconceptions.

How does spaced repetition work?

How does spaced repetition work?
How does spaced repetition work?

Spaced repetition repeats content at intervals designed to help each learner remember what they need to. 

Repetitions are spaced closely together for content that needs to be learned, and distanced further apart for learning material that is already known but may need reminding.

Why is it important for learning & memory?

Our brains cannot remember everything. Much like the hard drive or memory in your computer, eventually the storage will fill up. Spaced repetition helps keep our memory fresh so we can recall the data and information we need to quickly.

When should you use it for training?

Spaced repetition should be used continuously and consistently for a few reasons. One, creating a consistently learning habit keeps knowledge fresh. Two, you will forget things as it is human nature. And three, combining both one and two, sometimes a simple reminder of something you know but couldn’t remember can be just the answer you were looking for.

Go beyond spaced repetition with Qknow

Learn more about how our learning & training system drives retention

Increase Recall & Retention

Discover how QKnow easily and simply helps employees recall and retain the information they need to. It’s important that employees know and remember critical information for their job. If increasing retention is your goal, QKnow can help. 

Automate Employee Training

Learning & training solutions can take up tons of time. QKnow is designed to save it. If you don’t already have an automated solution, and you’re interested in spaced repetition read why you should automate employee training at your company.

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Spaced Repetition for Learning & Training

Beyond the benefits as a memorization methodology, the approach becomes a powerful tool for learning and training. With the right system, individual learning and training needs are easily met. People are trained to make sure they remember what is important for them to know. The system makes sure they don’t forget.

A spaced repetition system that engages employees

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