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Increase individual & team performance by 
continuously engaging your people
with critical information
they need to know.

sales reps 
know more
& sell more.
automate employee training

Confidence comes from knowing what you’re talking about, asking the right questions, and having answers to the questions you get asked.

With QKnow, sales enablement means helping sales professionals know the process, product, and other important knowledge they need to know so they can confidently sell more.

Enable your reps, drive results.

These charts show real world sales performance improvement from QKnow.

Two new sales reps started at the same time. One used QKnow for onboarding, the other didn’t. By month 3, the one using QKnow exceeded quota and the team average. The other who didn’t? Far below expectations.

The whole team used QKnow for 18 months. Over time the sales team performed better. But, the employee that used QKnow consistently, they went from below average and below quota to above average and above quota.

In sales, we know more knowledge leads to more confidence, and better information for your prospects. Both help sales reps sell more. This is why we refer to QKnow as sales enablement software. It helps sales teams sell more.

You’re only a few clicks away…

Increase in Sales Revenue

In a head-to-head competition with a company’s current industry-leading multi-product LMS solution, QKnow performed better. They launched a new product.

Half the sales team used QKnow, the other half used their existing software.

The team using QKnow sold 54% more units for a 50% increase in revenue.

See the results of our Product Knowledge in Sales Survey

We surveyed sales professionals to see what they think.
Here’s what they said.

Not enough knowledge

Sales professionals said they don’t know everything they think they should.

training could improve

Current learning and training solutions have room for improvement.

losing sales

Bad or wrong information is losing sales. 75%+ know someone that lost a sale because of bad info.


Responses indicate reps could benefit and sell more with improved training.