Sales Enablement Software

What do we mean by sales enablement software? QKnow drives sales performance by continuously engaging teams with information they need to know.

sales reps 
sell more.

Confidence comes from knowing what you’re talking about, asking the right questions, and having answers to the questions you get asked.

With QKnow, sales enablement means helping sales professionals know the process product and other knowledge they need so they can confidently sell more.

Sales enablement software
that drives results

Want results? Looking to move the needle?
What about sales enablement software that enables your people to sell more?

See the Results of our Product Knowledge in Sales Survey

We think a big part of sales enablement is product knowledge and training.
So, we surveyed sales professionals to see what they think.
Here’s what they said…

Not enough knowledge

Sales professionals said they don’t know everything they think they should.

training could improve

Current learning and training solutions have room for improvement.

losing sales

Bad or wrong information is losing sales. 75%+ know someone that lost a sale because of bad info.

Opportunity to LEARN MORE

Responses indicate reps could benefit and sell more with improved training.