QKnow launches Learning Q for Employee Engagement in Learning & Training

Automated personalized internal company training solution engages teams and saves time.

Automated Learning Data from QKnow's Learning Q

QKnow makes sure people at work engage, learn, remember, and know.

QKnow’s Learning Q automates and personalizes the process. By delivering quick internal training questions via email or text; managers, leaders, and learning professionals can onboard automatically, immediately educate teams, eliminate costly knowledge gaps, and keep everyone on the same page.

“QKnow’s Learning Q automates and personalizes continuous training for employees. Administration is one-click easy. Admins assign topics to teams and set the schedule. Everyone gets engaged with far less time required as compared to traditional learning management and micro-learning solutions. It’s efficient and effective.”

Alex Colcernian, Founder of QKnow
QKnows Learning Q for Employee Training

You can learn more about the Learning Q at https://QKnow.com/Learning-Q/

About QKnow
Founded in 2017, QKnow helps companies of all sizes make sure their people know what they need to know at work. The software platform serves corporate employee education needs from onboarding, to product and service training, through continuous learning and reinforcement. Leaders use QKnow to educate teams, make sure people know, increase employee engagement, and manage internal FAQs. Learn more at https://QKnow.com.