When it comes to the importance of product knowledge training in sales opinions vary.

How much product knowledge do sales professionals need to know?

Is product knowledge training prioritized at your company?

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The 2020 Survey is closed. Live Survey Results will be available when the 2021 Survey opens.

Join the Account Executives, Enterprise Account Executives, Sr. Account Managers, Business Development, Inside Sales and Outside Sales Representatives and other sales professionals that have already taken this survey.

Share your experience as a sales professional with other sales professionals.  

Answering the product knowledge in sales survey questions helps share your experience as it stands out among others. All professionals in sales roles can benefit from the shared results by comparing their company with the average data received by this survey.

Sharing the data is an opportunity for everyone in the industry to see where they rank. Companies and teams can use the data to make improvements and individual contributors can use the data to share with their leaders.

Sales professionals in any industry with any job title are encouraged to participate.

Sales consultants, executives, representatives and the many other titles that also apply. Whether you are an associate, business development manager, or solution engineer, if your role and job is primarily attributed to the sales function, this survey is for you to take. If you are in sales leadership, this survey is designed for you to get the report. Distribute and share this survey with people you know.

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The 2020 results and report can be downloaded here.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US recorded more than 14 million people working in sales and related occupations as of May 19′. *** Sharing knowledge benefits everyone working in the profession.

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