Learning Q

Automated, continuous, personalized
learning & training for teams at work
on the topics everyone should know.

Automate personalized learning to get great engagement and make sure everyone knows.

how qknow works

QKnow questions get engagement fast,
helping teams learn and remember more.

people answering QKnow questions

Personalized Accountability

When we leave the classroom or finish watching a video we remember a lot, and we forget some too. Over time, we remember less. What’s remembered and forgotten is actually different for each person.

QKnow adapts by sending a personalized question each individual needs to know. It automatically closes the gaps.

Automated & Continuous

Want to get some time back?

QKnow makes it one-click easy for you to assign topics to teams. Then you can enable them with the Learning Q. Now your training is automated.

Could we learn something every day?

The Learning Q helps get everyone engaging in learning everyday. One small question can deliver a really important answer that closes a sale, motivates an employee, or improves performance.