A New Learning Management System

Automate Reinforcement & Retention 

QKnow helps you automate learning, reinforcement, and retention for better knowledge recall.

Go from Learning to Knowledge Analytics

For learning & training pros

We took a micro-learning approach and turned into an agile always on continuous learning system so you can save everyone time while making sure employees remember, prove efficacy, and get data you can do a lot more with.

Discover our system for
learning management

Agile, easy to use, efficient, effective, learning and training software.

Agility & Speed

QKnow allows you to respond to business changes and new learning needs as fast as you can write a quiz question. 

Data to measure & share

QKnow shows you who’s engaged, who’s not, who knows what, and who doesn’t. You need this data, and so does your company.

Employees engage

You won’t need to follow up employees to make sure they took their training. You won’t need to train them on how to use their training software either. Powerful.

Knowledge increases

What matters most? Employees learn and know more. This is what QKnow guarantees with our spaced repetition approach. QKnow makes sure teams know topics they need to.