How Qknow Works to Train Employees

Qknow automates training using questions designed to teach employees answers.

Automated Training by Topic

Qknow questions teach employees the correct answers in one click.

Employees see whether they answered right or wrong, and so do you.

Make training easy by automatically sending questions from topics you need employees to know.

Knowledge Data & Insights

See Data & Insights

See what and how much employees know. People engage with Qknow questions in real time and Qknow helps you easily identify who’s in the know.

Visualize Company Knowledge

See what knowledge looks like in your company by person, team, question, or topic. Know what and how much everyone knows at a glance.

Get Employee Engagement

Qknow is designed to engage employees in remembering what they need to know. Get employees started with the questions you want them to know.

Want more?

Connect to Existing Content

Backwards compatible? You bet. Link your Qknow questions to existing learning and training content so your employees can “Learn More”.

Customizable Reporting

Reports on? Reports off. You choose the day, the time, the reports and more with reporting in Qknow.

Searchable Knowledge Base

Employees can see their recent question history, engagement, and search questions for answers in their Qknow employee dashboard.

Support & Updates Included

You’ll get updates to the latest and greatest version of Qknow along with all the support you need to make question-based learning a success.

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