How QKnow works

QKnow uses questions to make sure people know the answers.

Engages employees in learning and training. Help them remember, and make sure they know.

how qknow works

QKnow questions get engagement fast,
helping people learn, remember, & understand more.

people answering QKnow questions

Automate Onboarding, Learning & Training

QKnow can automatically send questions on the topics you need your teams to know. Our methodology keeps them engaged and makes sure they learn.

Continuously Increase Knowledge

Optimized to Improve Individual Knowledge

QKnow optimizes delivery to each individual based on what they need to learn. Then, QKnow makes sure they remember over time.

See & Track Organizational Knowledge

In a glance, you can understand what knowledge looks like across your organization by person, team, question, and topic.

Improve Employee Engagement

Science shows that questions engage our brain. When we get asked a question, typically we immediately start to think about the answer.

And more…


You can connect your QKnow questions to existing learning and training content like courses in an LMS, documents in the cloud, videos, and more.


QKnow shows you what you need to know. See who knows what, how much, and who’s not engaged.

Knowledge Base

Employees can see their recent question history, engagement, and search questions for answers in their QKnow employee dashboard.

Support & Updates

You’ll get updates to the latest and greatest version of QKnow along with all the support you need to make question-based learning a success.

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