for Employees in
Customer Service & Support

How does it feel?

frustration with customer service and support
When you get transferred back and forth between departments?

Like no one really knows how to or wants to help you?

When customer service gives you an incorrect answer?

Angry, frustrated, and mad like a customer ready to leave?

When you get different answers each time you call?

Confused, skeptical, and like you can’t trust the company?

When you’re on hold waiting for support for too long?

Like the company has problems or is unable to support customers properly?

Customers want to feel great about your company and the service and support they receive.

When they call for help, they want answers to the questions they have, as fast as possible.

Make Customers Feel Great

What matters most? Customers get answers to their questions. That’s why they contacted you.

KNow answers

Your people need to know the answers to customer’s questions right away.

Search questions

If customer service doesn’t know, they should be able to find out.

Improve metrics

CSAT, NPS, call times and other metrics are directly impacted by knowledge. 

happY customers

Happy customers get clear answers to their questions from representatives fast.

Customer service & support employee training

Make sure customer service representatives provide the best possible support
by knowing the answers to the questions customers have.

Increase knowledge



Help people find answers


get analytics & data