Automate your training content delivery to continuously help people remember and learn what they need to know.

Automated to save time

Save time when you automate training content delivery with QKnow. Creating new content takes minutes, engaging takes employees seconds, and keep it going continuously comes included.

Minutes required to create new training content
Seconds needed for employees to engage with Qknow

automated training content?

Automated content delivery saves time and personalizes the employee training experience with individual training content they need to know.


Consistent, continuous delivery of training content so employees can count on always learning at work.


With consistency comes variability. See the data and watch the metrics to understand who knows what.


Organize training content by topic by team and then deliver knowledge based on individual need.


When we take the same course, we remember different things, and we forget different things.

Questions about Automated Training Content Delivery

How is automated training different than regular training?

Automated training is a consistent continuous process that integrates training into the work day and into your work flow. Automated training happens on a set schedule, which you can change and does not require you to constantly plan training events. Compared to classroom training, digital courses and modules, automated training can save you time.

What training content types work well when automated?

Many types of training content can work well with automated training. QKnow uses questions and answers to engage employees and test their knowledge. Media rich training content, courses, modules, simulations and more can be linked to QKnow questions to give employees a great experience.

When should automated training be used?

All the time, as much as possible, especially when there is new information to learn.

Why wouldn’t you want to automate training?

When you aren’t sure what people and teams need to know, you might consider waiting before implementing an automated training solution. Knowledge needs should be understood before automating training for a group of people so that they are delivered value.

Where should you start with automated training content?

Start with something recent and relevant that a group of people need to know. Automated training with QKnow does not require that you spend lots of time in planning, as it’s designed to grow as you go.

Who benefits from a automated training solution?

Everyone benefits from an automated training delivery solution. Employers save time and make sure employees know. Employees save time focusing on what they need to know. Leaders and managers get employee knowledge data which shows them who knows what, how much, and who doesn’t.

Automate your training content and deliver it with QKnow.

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