About QKnow

Founded in 2017 by Alex Colcernian, QKnow helps people learn and remember at work. Started as a solution to help sales teams know their product, QKnow now educates employees at companies in multiple different industries on a variety of training topics.

Success data has demonstrated that there is a correlation between your company’s internal performance metrics and QKnow’s metrics. QKnow can help your people at work (and the company) perform better. For example, sales teams may sell more.


Engage employees in knowledge to improve performance


QKnow is a cloud-hosted software as a service platform companies can use independently or with existing learning management, knowledge management, employee engagement, and other software systems that hold important employee knowledge or information. QKnow facilitates the role of making sure everyone knows and remembers what is important.

QKnow leverages science and techniques like spaced repetition to enforce knowledge and improve memory. This matters for recall in work situations.

For example, when a sales rep is speaking with a prospect; if they don’t have an answer, or provide a wrong answer, trust decreases and the sale then becomes at risk. Or, when employees ask each other for answers, and everyone’s response is different, no one knows what to trust or believe. This is just one way information and knowledge problems get created in the workplace.

Information in your company should be accessible, accurate, and shared. Accurate knowledge at work is critical to success. It’s the one thing, that without question, connects us all to our companies, our jobs, and our work.

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