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When we know what we should at work, we perform better.

When we know what we don’t know, we learn faster.

When we are engaged in learning, we help others.

When we remember, we are more confident.

Engagement + Knowledge = Performance

What we know

We like the analytics, data, and results.

When we compared individual performance, knowledge, and engagement in that knowledge, we saw a correlation.

With sales teams, we saw that those who know more and stayed engaged with QKnow sell more. Those who stay engaged with QKnow and know less eventually learn more and perform better over time. 

Customer service & support teams will have more answers to your customer’s questions. Operations teams will remember processes and procedures.

We made QKnow so simple, there’s really no excuse for not engaging. This is why we say, engagement + knowledge = performance.

Qknow Learning Dashboard

How much do your people know?

It’s a really critical question.

How much do your people actually know and remember?

Do they recall what’s important and what everyone should know?

Can they access important information they need to get answers to their questions?

Distribute & manage knowledge to make sure people know

Learn more about how our platform covers multiple functions like employee engagement, knowledge management, learning & development, sales enablement and training.

Give teams a knowledge base for topics to know

Assign topics to teams or teams to topics. QKnow helps people search for the questions and answers they want or need to know at work.

Schedule learning & training fast

Learning & training solutions can take up tons of time. Qknow is designed to save it or your and your people’s schedule.

Make sure individuals learn, know, and remember

QKnow questions teach answers. They are designed to help people remember and learn. They can close gaps in knowledge across teams.

Save everyone’s time & get great engagement

Tired of reminding people to take, do, or attend their training? They’re tired of it too. QKnow gets engagement from employees effortlessly.

Get the performance you know is possible

Connect with us to discuss how Qknow can help you and your organization.