Question Knowledge

Engage employees in training.

Improve individual performance.

Make sure teams learn and remember.

Automate & Personalize
Continuous Individual Learning & Training

employee performance and qknow engagement

Get really great training engagement

And an Internal FAQ with all the topics & answers.

Why QKnow?
Help people remember

Calm the firehose of the information for your employees so they can remember it all.

Easy & simple to use

Are you a CEO or L&D pro? QKnow is so easy to use your new hires could administer it.

Share important FAQs

Get everyone on the same page and up to speed by knowing the same answers using QKnow.

Automate training

Automate employee learning, & training to make sure people know and save everyone’s time.

Increase sales

Sell more when you help sales reps know more, so they answer confidently and close more.

Help teams improve

Give teams support they need so they give your customers the answers you want them to know.

Keep everyone “in the know”

Designed to help you help your people, teams, and employees.

Create New Training Fast

QKnow uses question & answer to engage learners and make sure they know. You can create new questions in minutes, distribute in clicks and see people answering in seconds.

Schedule & Automate It

QKnow works on your schedule. You can automate continuous daily learning with the Learning Q or send questions on your own schedule.

Get Data in Real Time

See who knows what and how much they know. QKnow will show you who’s engaged, and who’s not.